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340B Inventory Management

A transformative platform built to resolve the complex challenges of 340B and to improve program compliance and financial performance.

  • Maximizes 340 Program Opportunities

  • Improves Compliance Outcomes

  • Built-in Program Optimizer

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Performance Metrics

  • Increased Transparency

Our solution was built and is maintained by Apexus 340B Experts with first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced by hospital colleagues administering 340B programs.

340B Audit Tool

Provides a Covered Entity with the ability to audit every claim and ensure compliance.

  • Program Integrity- Protects the Covered Entity against drug diversion.

  • Real-time Audits- Results are monitored in real-time

Our Audit Tool increases productivity, allowing staff to focus efforts on all other essential 340B program areas.

Smart Purchasing Tool

When every dollar matters, buyers need the tools to make the best decision at the time that the order is generated. We provide the following;

  • Perfect Order Generator

  • WAC Analyzer

  • Auto-Generates Orders

  • Spend Optimizer

This solution provides complete control over each purchase.

Pharmacy Inventory Management

A system built by pharmacy experts with the expertise to easily navigate the complexities of managing hospital inventory. The design of the system guides clients to significant financial opportunity.

  • True Pharmacy/340B Inventory Management

  • Improves Financial Performance and Outcomes

  • Reduces Waste

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Price Validation

  • Value Base Care Center

  • Analytics & More

Our Inventory Management Solution integrates with current systems and reduces pharmacy drug spend 5 to 10%. 

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