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340B Consulting

Techfficient Consulting offers Apexus Certified Experts to assist 340B Entities with compliance, program optimization, and staffing resources.

Our industry-leading experts are here to meet the challenges of 340B.

Pharmacy Revenue 

Reimbursements are shrinking but costs are rising.  Techfficient has a solution to combat cost and improves revenue with our Pharmacy Management Program.

IT Healthcare

Our experts can ensure your implementations are success. We also provide Cyber Security expertise.

Management Consulting Service

In an effort to help Covered Entities meet the demands of managing their 340B programs, Techfficient has created a comprehensive solution to provide organizations with the tools needed to ensure maximum compliance and savings. Remote Pharmacy Management Services (RPMS) combines consulting level expertise, real-world pharmacy experience, and advanced back-end technology solutions to manage every aspect of compliance, pass an HRSA Audit, and identify every potential way to decrease pharmacy drug spend.

  • HRSA Mock Audits

  • 340B Optimization

  • Remote Pharmacy Management Service

  • Pharmacy Accreditations

Our Management Service is equipped to manage or take on any challenge within the pharmacy industry.

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