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Jonathan Horn,  CPhT, 340B ACE
A Founder

I am a seasoned veteran of the hospital industry with more than a decade of experience in a variety of hospital pharmacy environments.

I understand the perspectives of my fellow pharmacy colleagues and I am sensitive to their challenges.

Outside of the various responsibilities as a pharmacy technician, I have been a 340B Analyst, Lead Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacy Buyer, Pharmacy Automation Analyst, and a Clinical Application Analyst. Each position provided a new perspective and deeper understanding of hospital pharmacy.


My time in working within multiple hospitals, learning from senior pharmacy staff, observing various workflows,  and utilizing different technologies, has provided a keen insight and perspective toward truly knowing how to deploy the solutions that pharmacies need to improve financial outcomes and operational efficiencies, so that they may continue to focus on their dedication to serving our communities.  


I have been able to identify six and seven figures of annual overspend and missed saving opportunities, some of the reasons why I created my firm, Techfficient Consulting, which represents solutions for modern pharmacy challenges and represents who I am at the core - a  skilled and experienced pharmacy technician within this industry who desires to make pharmacy and healthcare more efficient. 


With great humility and honor, I am excited to take my experiences from Jackson Healthcare, Stanford Healthcare, Mendocino Hospital, WellStar Health System, Piedmont Healthcare, Northside Hospital, and St Vincent’s to transform pharmacy.

A Healthcare Consultancy 

Techfficient Consulting LLC was established in order to combat the challenges of healthcare organizations and to increase profitability. Our core team members combine over 50 years of healthcare experience and over 20 years of 340B experience. Our real-world experience allows us to take a more granular approach to 340B auditing. We pride ourselves on our ability to operationalize 340B while managing its many challenges. Clients will find that our in-depth pharmacy knowledge allows us to ensure compliance and identify potential failure points as we eliminate opportunities for systematic failures. Our approach has been proven to help organizations realize increased 340B savings and lower overall pharmacy spend.

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